📢 Vote With Your Tweet

Status of D*nald Tr*mp’s
Twitter account: Reinstated

Elon Musk has reversed D*nald Tr*mp’s Twitter ban3.

We’ve been on Twitter for years. We are Twitter’s daily active users. We know how this ends: a return to a Twitter fetid with violence, threats, and harrassment.

And now Twitter must make a choice: him—or us.

Through collective action, we have power. Let’s use that power to tell Twitter in one voice: we will not go back.

How many people will it take before advertisers take notice and Twitter is forced to act? Let’s find out: join us!

“I will not participate on Twitter while D*nald Tr*mp has an active account. #VoteWithYourTweet” —signed, all of us

Join us and take the pledge: Avatar for https://twitter.com/ Vote with your Tweet

Latest Voters

Use the #VoteWithYourTweet hash tag! Follow along with @VoteWithTweet.

Last updated: 2022-11-25 15:00 UTC

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Twitter who?

If you’ve already left Twitter, you can copy the pledge and share it on your new social networking home! (I’ve heard Mastodon is nice.)


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